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5 Instagram Worthy Restaurants, Seminyak, Bali

If you have read my previous posts on Bali and nearby islands, you already know that Bali is every photographer’s dream and joy. It’s very beautiful, vibrant and lush. But in addition to its natural beauty, Bali also has some really cool spots that will satisfy both your gastronomic and Instagram cravings. I was truly amazed by the variety and quality of food you can find on this island. Since we stayed there, today I am sharing my top 5 favorite restaurants in popular Seminyak that serve food that tastes and looks good!


1.Ku De Ta

Once we settled in Seminyak, I was doing my research on good places to eat and Ku De Ta kept coming up over and over again.

Set on the Seminyak Beach, Ku De Ta is a great combination of an upscale restaurant with trendy bar and relaxing beach lounger.

The menu offers various options, from Japanese and Middle Eastern bites to pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. I ordered pork katsu sandwich, while my husband went for pork belly and radicchio pizza.

By the night the eclectic soundtrack picks up and the place turns into a swanky bar and party spot.

With panoramic views of the ocean, Ku De Ta is an ultimate spot for sunset cocktails. With mocktail in hand, I set back and enjoyed watching evening sun giving the ocean a golden glow.


2.Motel Mexicola

Motel Mexicola is one of the most Instagramable spots in Seminyak and this is why. It’s a very quirky and colorful bar and restaurant that brings Mexican culture to Balinese soil.

While the interior is very retro (just look at the vintage photos and paintings on the walls, as well as neon signs), the menu reflects a modern spin on traditional Mexican street food.

We took waiter’s advice and for 250K IDR (about $20) per person, we ordered ‘Feed Me Banquet’, a 5-course feast. It takes you on a culinary journey that includes vegetarian, meat, and seafood dishes, as well as dessert (yummy churros!). Add a Bloody Mary or Mojito and the feast is complete!

The overall atmosphere in Motel Mexicola is really fun and upbeat. As we were finishing our dinner, the place was getting more packed with the inflow of partygoers, mostly Aussies, coming for drinks at the bar and some dancing on the dance floor at the center of the restaurant.

Motel Mexicola is an absolute must if you are staying in Seminyak. Even if you are not a huge fan of Mexican food, you are guaranteed to have a good time. For those who want a quieter surrounding, I suggest booking a table earlier in the day in one of the booths. They are very cosy and a great place for people watching!


3.Sea Circus

Just around the corner from Motel Mexicola is another Insta-worthy place, Sea Circus.  This small restaurant, decorated in a whimsical style, serves Mexican and Western dishes, and nice coffee and cocktails.

Sea Circus is a great place for breakfast as it serves colorful breakfast bowls, bagels, and omelets. Lunch and dinner menu offers a lovely selection of tacos, burgers and seafood dishes – all at reasonable prices ($6-8 per dish). We went there in the late afternoon on a typical Balinese hot day. I wasn’t particularly hungry, so I went for a light snack of pulled pork tacos and watermelon juice. Both were very tasty!

But what Sea Circus is also famous for is its cartoonish murals inside and outside the building. Featuring fairy-tale like animals against the minty blue background, the restaurant transports you somewhere magical. And don’t be surprised seeing a queue of Instagram aficionados running across the road to take a perfect photo.

Also, don’t forget to check out bathrooms! They are fun (just look at the photos below). I loved washing my hands using water tap hanging from the ceiling while checking out artworks by the local artists.


4.Sisterfields Cafe

As our trip to Bali continued, the food was getting progressively better. I didn’t realize during my fist trip that there are some top-notch restaurants that can rival those in London, not only in terms of variety of cuisines but also quality. We voted next two restaurants as our favorite ones because the food was insanely delicious.

Sisterfields café may look like a hipster coffee shop/café but don’t be fooled by its relatively minimalistic interiors.

Yes, it serves good coffee and all-day breakfast, but try their dishes from the lunch and dinner menu and you won’t regret it. Everything is so yummy and fresh you will be licking your lips and fingers!

With so many choices we went a little bit nuts and ordered quite few dishes.

We got Vietnamese poached chicken salad with nam jim, hand-pressed coconut cream dressed chicken, pomelo, fresh herbs, roasted rice crumbs; fresh pappardelle and lamb neck ragu with pancetta, green olive, pecorino cheese; and side of polenta fries with truffle aioli and parmesan.

Even though it wasn’t breakfast time, I really wanted to try one of their breakfast bowls and got raw cacao and frozen banana smoothie bowl with mango, star fruit, dark chocolate & cocoa nib granola. It made a great dessert!

For drinks I got Pash Me smoothie made with passionfruit, berries, mango, coconut nectar, and house made nut milk, while hubby ordered Bloody Mary served with house made BBQ sauce and bacon biscuit. Mmm…!

After the meal, I excused myself to the ladies room, which our friendly waiter warned me is very Instagram friendly. That meant I had to take my camera with me! What I found was a long mirrored corridor with individual cubicles with neon signs inside quoting famous TV shows. Can you recognize this well-know quote?!

Hint: a show about 4 best female friends living in New York!

So vain and brilliant!



We walked by Grow several times and every time it looked so inviting. I looked it up and it had really good reviews so we went there on our last night in Bali for a special meal. And boy, it was!

The concept, brought to life by the UK born and Singapore-based award-winning chef Ryan Clift, encompasses high-quality dishes made with fresh and locally grown veggies and caught seafood, promoting local farming and making it more sustainable. So the menu changes with seasons reflecting the availability of various ingredients.

Inside, the restaurant is very green and lush to reflect restaurant’s philosophy. Around the dining room we found a garden behind the glass windows, while palm trees in the corners and beautiful vine and flowers wall murals added to the feel of freshness and brought us closer to nature. Every detail in Grow’s design is so well thought-through and elegant.

For our special last dinner on the island I ordered rigatoni with portobello mushrooms, smoked bacon, creamy balsamic sauce, topped with gorgonzola and spinach. But before I got my main course, the waiter brought complimentary gazpacho that is served in glasses with ice and tastes amazing. It was so refreshing and light!

My rigatoni looked like a masterpiece and tasted heavenly. And the portion was just right so I could focus on the taste rather than size.

And how could I skip the dessert in this place? Being a chocoholic, I went for a chocolate sunday that included warm dark chocolate sponge cake, some sort of caramel crumble and chocolate ice-cream

But there is much more to Grow than just a restaurant itself, as we discovered. In addition to a cool bar with comfy chairs at the entrance of the restaurant, there is a roof-top bar that staff took us to see.

You see Grow is actually part of a swanky L Hotel so hotel guests have quite few choices for their meals and drinks. The rooftop bar, which offers great views of Seminyak, has a similar vibe with eclectic bar soundtrack in the background and laid back atmosphere. It’s a great place to catch up with friends for pre- or after-meal Grow’s signature cocktails. And I loved the way they incorporated old whiskey and wine bottles into the design of both bars.

Well, this rounds up my top 5 picks for amazing places to eat in Seminyak. Give them and try and you won’t regret it. Your instagram feed will be popular and your stomach happy!


Happy travels xx

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