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Welcome to The Stylish Voyager!


IMG_3682The blog concept is made of two words that reflect my two biggest passions – travel and fashion. Being a multi-ethnic person with some Central Asian nomad blood, I seem to move to a new country every few years. Something pulls me to explore more, connect with strangers and learn about their cultures. There is a whole generation of people, like me, who travel with two suitcases (sometimes more!) and make it ‘home’ wherever they are. They belong to every place and no place in particular. They drift along like a leaf in the wind, ending up in places most unexpected.

Since I was a little girl growing up in the Soviet Union, I have been obsessed with fashion, memorizing the names of all major fashion houses and trying Mom’s clothes and shoes that were way too big for me! I have grown up since them, tried my hand at modeling and developed my own sense of style, which is all about mixing different high street brands to suit my personality. Following my philosophy that ‘style cannot be bought’ and being frugal, I believe dressing well doesn’t have to cost lots of money and eating healthy doesn’t have to take lots of time, while traveling on budget airlines doesn’t diminish your travel experiences.

A fashionista, voyager, geek, wife, foodie, PhD graduate, cat lover, and part-time wonder woman, I document my discoveries on The Stylish Voyager as I explore the world each day.


P.S. In addition to my blog, I have contributed to a number of print and online publications: Marie Claire Ukraine, Asian Global Impact Magazine, and For more information, please check out the Press page.