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Cats: World Travels Through the Eyes of Feline Lover

Being a feline lover and amateur photographer means whenever I see a cat, I have to take a picture of it. Throughout my travels I have seen and taken photos of many cats. Some where shy and minded their own business, while others approached me, sometimes in the least expected manner. Like people, each of these felines had its own story to purr. And if you want to learn something about a country and its people, just look at the way they treat their animals (especially homeless cats and dogs).


If you read my blog on Cambodia, you would already know that I went there twice and absolutely loved the country. It’s a very peaceful and chilled place, so are its cats. Funny enough I met both of these cats at the temple complex in Phnom Penh that was away from the tourist crowds and had a very intimate feel.


I am not sure if rice is good for cats but you can tell they were well taken cared by the local monks and worshipers.



My husband and I went to Split recently and the first day we were there, we met this guy (or girl) at the restaurant by the Diocletian’s Palace. This cat didn’t bother any of the diners and quietly kept us company laying on the ruins of the ancient walls.


Later we saw this cat at the entrance of the shopping arcade. The cat looked so fierce as though the whole arcade belonged to him and he was protecting it from any trouble. Doesn’t he look like a miniature panther?!



Last year I was lucky to explore the Greek island of Kefalonia. It was a week of Mediterranean bliss and unspoiled beauty. When we visited a small fishing village of Assos, we quickly realized that a colony of feral cats was hanging out by the seafront restaurants. They were all after the same thing – to get something off our table to eat, which meant loud crying and some cat fights accompanied our otherwise peaceful lunch.



Ok, this one is a very funny story. I was visiting Paris once for work and had meetings at Le Comptoir General, a really cool co-working space. And right in the middle of the group discussion, a cat jumped in through the open window. After some inspection of the room and rubbing against our feet, this cute fuzzy intruder left through the same window. I assume he was a house cat who just liked to roam around.



If you ever visit Rome, don’t be surprised to see colonies of cats comfortably living in the ancient ruins in the center of the city. These two cats I actually saw in Alberobello, a UNESCO heritage site famous for its trulli houses. I just loved how black and white (no pun intended!) cats were hanging out by the photo shop.


This gorgeous kitty I found in one of the villages of Cinque Terre. It looked so peaceful and comfortable snoozing on the tarpaulin over a fishing boat.



Malta has many fishing villages, which means cats occupy them waiting each morning for a daily catch. I have to say it was so lovely to watch fishermen feed the cats and treating them nicely. It looked like a very peaceful co-existence of humans and cats. This black-and-white feline was hiding from summer heat under the fishing boat.


In the meantime, I saw this ginger cat in Mdina, beautiful medieval town in Malta. Doesn’t he look like rays of sunshine?



Marrakesh is one of my favorite places to visit. As I previously wrote on my blog, Medina (old part of Marrakesh) is basically run by cats. They are everywhere but nobody is annoyed by their presence, which was lovely to see.

Soon enough cats will learn how to drive bikes!



This lovely cat appeared out of nowhere when I was resting on the rooftop terrace of my hostel. It just sat across and looked at me through the opening between the curtains. It was such a beautiful moment.



I gotta say there is something special about tuxedo cats with their fancy white ‘socks’ and ‘bib’. This cat is very special. Her name is Maggie and she lives in a cafe near Vauxhall (London) station. She is probably one of the friendliest cats I have ever met and we became pals in no time. Considering I can’t have pets in my flat, any opportunity to pet and snuggle with a cat I treat as a priceless experience.

Maggie is a hipster and loves old leather chairs!



Last but not least on my list is Ukraine. I moved to Ukraine for work few years ago and got to travel throughout the country. Unfortunately, in the former Soviet Union many domestic animals don’t get spayed or neutered which means there are thousands of homeless cats and dogs on the streets of major cities. For example, this little kitten was living in the basement of my apartment block. He was quite scared of people but gratefully ate food residents left for him each morning.


And look at this long-haired beauty I saw in Crimea.


I hope you enjoyed my short feline tour across the world and my attempt to celebrate unconditional love and joy animals bring into our lives.

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