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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: Street Sketches

They say “a picture is worth a thousands words” and I completely agree. Although I have lots of impressions (some of them you can read here) from the Diamond Jubilee celebrations that lasted 4 days, I thought I would simply post photos I snapped around London to show you the autmosphere during the festivities. 


Some smart people carried ladders to ensure best view
Many windows had some kind of patriotic display
A very interesting looking guy in the crowds
Thames Flotilla begins


Check out gondolla in the middle


Yes, right at the moment of Royal Barge my camera battery died!
Many stores had something prepared for the Jubilee
Everyone was in a cheerful mood
Waiting for Queen’s carriage to arrive
Kids got best views!
Here comes the Queen!
Harrods display of 31 designer crowns. Simply amazing!


These are not my photos but screen shots taken during BBC reporting from the Buckingham Palace concert. It was just too beautiful not to capture, but all credit goes to BBC. My favourite part was how the palace was transformed by imagery projected on it, check it out below.

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