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TSV Tips: DIY Designer T-Shirt

Gosh, I love a good DIY project and today I am going to show you how to make a designer t-shirt for almost nothing! I love Comme des Garçons t-shirts with their quirky heart logo but I can hardly afford one at £100 a piece. So, being frugal with my money and loving a good occasional DIY project, I found a way to make my own Comme des Garçons inspired t-shirt for less than £12!  Let me show you how to achieve designer fashion at high street prices in 5 simple steps.

For my project, I got an H&M t-shirt that is so cool but only costs £8.99 and embroidered heart patch from eBay for £1.99.

Step 1

Lay the t-shirt on a flat and heat-resistant surface, such as ironing board. To make sure there are no creases, I ironed the t-shirt first.

diy-designer-t-shirt-projectStep 2

Next, place the patch at the place where you wanted it to be. I chose to put it right on the small pocket. Make sure it’s aligned and positioned

Step 3

Place thin towel or piece of any other fabric (I used old bandana) to protect the surface of the patch from high heat.

Step 4

Heat the iron on the highest setting (but make sure steam function is turned off). Carefully, without disturbing the patch, place the heated iron over it and press hard. Then in small round motions, continue to iron the patch firmly for 15-20 seconds.

diy-designer-t-shirt-projectStep 5

Remove the towel and check if the patch is attached well, especially around the edges.


If any of the sides of the patch are still loose, cover it again with the towel and press the iron for another 10 seconds. And Voilà! It’s ready to go!



I really loved how it came out and the way I was able to style it with a tweed blazer and boyfriend jeans. And of course, beautiful London in the background helps!


Happy DIYing! xx

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