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TSV Tips: Fashionable Gift Wrapping at No Cost

So, trying to be eco-conscious and to save on the cost of gift bags, I came up with a fashionable, easy and pretty much costless way to wrap gifts. This is example of few gifts I prepared last year. Pretty cool, huh?

So, here are things you’ll need to wrap your gift:
  • fashion magazine (the more colourful, the better!)
  • scissors
  • clear tape
  • gift ribbon
Here I used D&G ad, which I tore out and taped pages together in the middle.
Make sure the spread is big enough for the box and all sides will be covered properly. For bigger gifts, just tape more magazine pages together.
Once you placed the box in the middle of the spread, you wrap it like any other gift. Cut off any extra paper.
Tape it up at the seams with clear tape.
Once the box is wrapped, it’s time to put the ribbon on.  I use Paperchase gift ribbons, which cost only £1 a spool, come in different colours and last forever!
Make sure your ribbon is long enough and can go around the gift in whatever pattern you decide, plus enough to tie it and make a bow on the top.
And here it is! An original and fun gift wrapping that will keep your friends guessing!

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