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TSV Tips: Snake Jewellery for 2013

It’s a year of snake and people like me, born in this year, have to have something with snake design in their wardrobe! 
Source: Barbara Palvin
Askew London Snake Bracelet

Likewise, many retail companies jumped on this opportunity making snake pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. I am, however, going to show you how easy it is to make your own snake design jewellery that can suit your own style. To match snake earrings my mother gave me for New Year, I made necklace and bracelet.

For necklace you will need:


  • 20 snake charms
  • Needle and gold tone threads like these
  • Pair of golden clasps similar to these
  • 10 gold tone round beads
  • Scissors


You can choose and come up with your own necklace design since these snake charms are 3-link. They are flexible and can be bent in different shapes. I first have sewn 2 snakes together forming a circle. Once I made 10 pairs, it was time to connect them together. For that I chose to use gold beads, overlapping the ends of each snake pair and sewing them together. At the ends of the necklace I’ve sewn golden clasps.
To make a rock-glam bracelet you’ll need even less:

  • 4 snake charms
  • Needle and gold tone threads like these
  • Scissors
  • Leather bracelet from any high street shop. I used this New Look bracelet.
I made 2 snake pairs as described above. Then you can play how you want to join them together. Once I found shape that worked for me, I fixed it with gold tone threads. To finish it up I threaded leather bracelet through the snakes twice leaving ends long enough for fastening. This is really simple since you use ready-made bracelet, so it’s just a matter of decorating it with a snake pendant. 

Now you are ready to rock one of this year’s most fashionable trends!!!

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