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Kenya: Africa’s Untouched Paradise

Time slows down in Kenya while yesterday’s deadlines and the noise of the big megapolis become irrelevant and remote. After a 9-hour flight from London, I finally land in Nairobi, where the sun is scorching and a dry wind blows in my face. Throughout my trip, I try to soak it all in – the amazing landscape, which changes from savannah to green oasis and tropical flora, the sights of exotic animals and birds everywhere, and the diversity of architecture – from giant trade centres to modest huts and street mini-markets. Kenya is a colourful kaleidoscope – a mix of modernity and traditions, exotics and simplicity, different cultures and traditions. It is Africa with all its beauty and complexity and I, an Asian nomad, try to find my place in it.

(Orginally published in AGI Magazine August 2012 issue)

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