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Man Enough to Wear Skinny Jeans

I have admired London men in skinny jeans for few years now. And it’s only fair that I dedicate a part of my fashion blog to them. I have to say that may be apart from few New Yorkers, London guys are the only ones who can really pull off the “skinny jeans” look. I applaud these men who not only have a great sense of style, but are also comfortable with their sexuality and masculinity.

So, why skinny jeans have become so popular among men here?
According to some, “while many men have fallen in love with the look of skinny jeans, others are left baffled by this trend. They have grown especially popular among the alternative crowd who are more interested in fashion and enjoy the fitted look that skinny jeans offer. These men are tired of wearing the same old jeans that everyone else has and are interested in something different that reflects their own styles. Skinny jeans for men offer a unique look that can be customized in many ways. It’s easy to wear skinny jeans for men with a number of different styles. Some men prefer to wear them with skate shoes and t-shirts, while others enjoy wearing them with their tennis shoes and hoodies. They can also be dressed up with a blazer, button-down shirt or sweater and a stylish cap. With a couple good pairs of skinny jeans for men, you can easily customize your wardrobe for any occasion.”
My favourite look is skinnies paired with a nice t-shirt and cool jacket or a blazer how these guys have done it.

For more tips on how to pull of “skinny jeans” look and wear them with confidence, follow these advise from male fashionistas:

  • Embrace your fashion decision. Pulling off the skinny jeans look as a guy can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Appearing nervous or as if your jeans resulted from an “unfortunate shrinking accident”, makes others take notice of your unusual behavior. Commit to wearing your skinny jeans with pride instead of shame.
  • Choose the right size jeans. Understand that there is a huge difference between wearing skinny jeans and wearing “restrictive” jeans. Ensure that your groin has adequate breathing and wiggle-room. Failing to do so can lead to problems including soreness and yeast infections. Purchasing skinny jeans made with spandex or Lycra material can help ensure a more comfortable experience. Pay special attention to in-seam measurements and lengths as variations between different manufacturers can cause drastically different fits.
  • Opt for slimmer shoes when wearing skinny jeans. Wearing chunky shoes such as work boots detracts from the slimming effect of the jeans. It can also make your feet appear “clownish” and unattractive. Choose dress boots or canvas shoes for a well-polished look that accentuates your proportions.
  • Pair skinny jeans with suitable shirts. Although wearing tapered shirts can show off your upper body, picking shirts that are too tight can create a more feminine silhouette. Avoid shirts with outrageous patterns or colors, as this can make you appear desperate for attention. Choose shirts with muted patterns, buttons and colors for a refined look without the curious stares.
  • Tone your lower body before wearing skinny jeans. Although they can be purchased in a variety of sizes, it’s much easier to fit toned legs into the tapered leg holes. It may be necessary to account for large thighs due to increased exercise. Avoid stuffing yourself into these jeans as pulling up your pants all day isn’t desirable or attractive.

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